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Our Mission:


To provide children with the tools necessary to live responsibly, love fully, grow completely, and play within God's loving care.

Our Philosophy:


One of our primary goals is to help each child develop a good self-esteem.  We provide

experiences that will directly assist in this process.  We believe that if a child has a good self-esteem that s/he will be successful throughout life.  CEC provides a variety of activities to promote the development of each child's spiritual, physical, emotional, social and intellectual abilities.  The activities are planned according to age, ability, needs, and interest of the children.  Another one of our main goals is to help each child reach his/her maximum development.  We believe that children learn best and more thoroughly when allowed to spend time absorbing concepts and ideas through "hands-on" experiences, while having fun.  CEC achieves this by providing different centers within our classroom.  Each classroom center includes art, math, science, reading, computer, outside activities, music and dramatic play.  Our hope is that each child will discover that learning can be fun!   

Our Vision Statement:


To be a successful, biblically functioning school where preschool children are being introduced to Jesus Christ so they become devoted followers.    

Our Master Goal:


Assure that CEC successfully accomplishes its mission of nurturing and preparing the whole child to enter grade school by providing, in partnership with the home, a balanced education in a loving Christ-centered environment.

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